God is good! Today, we want to take a moment to share with you some exciting news.

For the past year, our Campus Development Team has been meeting to formulate a plan to provide a home for Life Church. Initial members serving on this team are Eric Hofer, Dave Sneade, Kevin Weimert, Pastor Dave, and myself. This team has taken the vision we have articulated, along with the considerations of our team leaders that have been shared over the past three years and has worked together with our site engineer, builder, and bank to formulate a tentative strategy for making our dream of building a permanent home for Life Church into a reality. Last month we began the process of securing permits to construct our new facility to be located upon our property located on the corner of Routes 2 & 4 and Cox Road in Huntingtown.

Presently, the site plan is being reviewed by the county and we expect to have it returned with comments in the next couple of weeks and will make a presentation of the full scope of the project sometime this summer. We are targeting to break ground by the end of this year and anticipate being on site and in our new facilities by Christmas of 2018.

In order to see this facility constructed within the timeframe we have articulated, it’s going to take all of us “Building Life Together” and getting onboard with this great project to enable it to become a reality. We will need to see additional funds given for the building fund, while we continue to grow our ministries to this body and to our community. And we ARE a growing body.

We are already up nearly 18% in attendance over 2016. Our average attendance for the first four months of 2017 has been 170 people per week with a high on Easter Sunday of 287 worshiping in this gymnasium. Just imagine what can be accomplished for God’s Kingdom by this church, and those that are going to be added in the coming years.

We also need to make you aware that we are meeting here at PPES on “borrowed time”. Even though we pay weekly rent, utilities, and staffing to use the facilities here at PPES, Calvert County Public Schools has a limit of building use for outside groups. That time limit is 5 years. After 5 years, groups must secure a waiver good for one additional year. Currently, we are on our second year of waivers. Thankfully, the Superintendent of Calvert County Public Schools, Dr. Dan Curry, has been very supportive of the work we’ve done via HeartFELT and has been willing to provide us waivers.

While we don’t foresee an issue getting a waiver for 2018, we recognize that continuing to meet in a public school is not the best use of our finances, nor does it allow us to provide the expanded ministries we envision. We believe a permanent home for Life Church is necessary and we believe that the time to build it is NOW.

So what are the details about our new home? We’ll be sharing more in the coming months of summer, but here’s a snapshot-

We have commissioned the design of a modern, multipurpose building capable of being used for a variety of church and community events. It will be built in two phases. Phase one will be approximately 10,000 square feet. Phase 2, tentatively scheduled to begin in 2020 will bring the total size of the complex to 15,000 square feet.

The cost to complete phase 1 is $2,200,000, and we will need $575,000 to secure financing for the remainder of the project. As of today we have $117,629.00 in our building fund, about 20% of what we will need.

And regarding finances, I’d like to share this- If you have been here for any length of time, you know that at Life Church, we don’t pass an offering plate. Neither do we get in front of people and ask for money. This is because sadly, people too often look at churches as if it is only interested in asking for money. Yet YOU matter to God so much MORE than your checkbook.

Here at Life Church we believe that if the church is truly loving people and intent on making fully devoted followers of Jesus as we have been called to do, God’s blessings will rest upon us, and we, His people will respond by joyfully giving of our time, talents and treasure to the work of the Lord.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you more of the details about our new facility and important ways you may get onboard and show your support for this great opportunity.

What we ask today is for you to PRAY. And then when you’ve prayed, pray some more. PRAY for your leaders and for each of the members of our Campus development Team, and PRAY for His continued and abundant blessings upon Life Church.

Nothing of any good is accomplished apart from seeking God and being obedient to Him. He is the Master Builder. He is the supplier of every need. HE is the one who will accomplish this, and HE will get all the glory.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to sharing with you the building plans very soon.