On Tuesday afternoon, February 5, we received a phone call from Sally Showalter, the realtor handing the sale of the property. Sally called to inform us that she contacted the property owner, (who resides in Australia), and he accepted our offer of $120,000!!!

Our next step is to meet with the engineer Thursday afternoon to begin a feasibility study and then meet with the bank to complete our loan application.

What exciting news! Let’s pray and believe together that the great and mighty God who has opened this door will continue to open the doors for us to receive the loan, that there will be no impassable engineering issues, and that when it is time for settlement we will have acquired the 25% down payment needed to seal the deal.

Also, should you find yourself in a conversation with someone about the lion we are chasing, feel free to share that Life Church is recognized as a 501(c)3, non profit, tax exempt organization. Therefore, all gifts to Life Church are tax deductible for tax purposes.

To God be the Glory! Let’s go catch a lion!