For those who may not be aware, we have been in the process of searching for a new home for Life Church, one that we could utilize seven days a week. The search has been diligent and prayerful. Our prayer has been that God would open up the right doors at the right time and close any door we should not walk through.

Less than two weeks ago, we were meeting with a local real estate agent to look at the interior of a building in Prince Frederick. It appeared to be a promising site, and we again prayed together the morning of our meeting that God would open the doors He wants opened and close those He wants closed. Interestingly enough, as we entered the building in Prince Frederick, with keys in hand, neither of the two interior doors would open. By phone, the agent inquired of the owner who sent her to find another key. But all of this was to no avail. The doors wouldn’t budge.



Those locked doors, however, opened a conversation with the agent about a parcel of property, available for sale, located on the corner of Route 4 and Cox Rd in Huntingtown. We immediately drove up to look at the property and were amazed, not because of its location, but the fact that it is largely cleared land. It appeared to us that God may have opened another door. The property, by the way, was appraised some years ago for more than $250,000. Even that would seem a bargain considering its location. However, the seller was asking $139,000.

After much prayer, we accepted that this was a door God had opened and announced last Wednesday evening at Life Group that we intended to move ahead with the purchase. Sunday afternoon, February 4, we made an offer of $120,000 for the 3.96 acre parcel and provided an initial deposit of $2,000 in earnest money. Our offer is contingent on several things: We have an appointment with an engineer on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 4 PM to initiate a feasibility study for which we are allowed 30 days. Upon its completion, we then have 60 days to secure financing before settlement. We have locked eyes with our lion and grabbed him by the mane. By faith we are now trusting God to do something miraculous.

While we await the owner’s response to our offer, there are several things we’d like to ask of you:

First, please pray with us for God’s favor regarding our offer, and during the next 90 days, that He will continue to open the doors and direct our steps. Second, while the property’s selling price may seem low, we will be required to make a significant down payment. We anticipate the down payment and initial expenditures required will be between $26,000 and $30,000. We’ll need these funds within the next 60 days or our offer will be invalidated, and the property will go back on the market. So, if you would like to assist with helping us make our down payment, we would indeed be grateful for any sized gift.

We believe God is going to grow Life Church and that as we continue to exalt Him in all our ways, including honoring Him first with our finances, He will supply all of the church’s needs and the deposit for the property. We invite you chase a lion with us, and in the near future, look forward to nailing a lion skin to a post at Route 4 and Cox Road!

We thank God for each of you and ask His blessings upon you.

Pastors Steve and Dave
Great news! The chase is on!